Elderberry Extract for Immune Support – 1 oz


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Our Elderberry Extract is a supplement that is both nutritional and powerful. This extract contains black elderberry extract and other ingredients that support your immune system. The product is not recommended for children, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant.

How to use:

  • Shake well before using this product.
  • Add drops to water and drink, or place drops under your tongue and hold them for about twenty seconds before swallowing.
  • Adults may take one milliliter a day, or as directed by your primary care physician.
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  • Container size: 1oz
  • Black Elderberry, Purified Water, non-GMO Vegan Citric Acid, non-GMO Vegan Vegetable Glycerin, non-GMO Vegan Natural Raspberry Flavors.


There are no chemicals or fillers, GMOs, parabens, artificial preservatives, sulfates or phthalates, synthetic perfumes, or colors. This product is not tested on animals

More about the product

Along with antioxidants, elderberries offer high amounts of vitamin C. Which is a good source of phenolic acids, quercetin, isorhamnetin, flavonols, and kaempferol. All of these are antioxidants that reduce the damage of oxidative stress on the body. This benefit can prevent the developments of diseases.

Newer studies have indicated that elderberry juice could reduce the level of fat found in blood and decrease our cholesterol.

How does it taste?

Our Elderberry Immune Support is a supplement in liquid form. It is an amber liquid that can be taken orally. The supplement offers the succulent flavor of red raspberries.

The supplement’s consistency is comparable to maple syrup. It is easy to ingest and hold under the tongue. Though the supplement is syruppy, it dissolves well in water.

What does Elderberry Extract do?

Water is used as the solvent for our elderberry extract. The water works to pull-out the anthocyanins found in elderberries that are rich in antioxidants. It is the most vital phytochemical in elderberries.

These anthocyanins are naturally found in elderberries and are vital to boosting your immune system. Their use helps to fight cold and flu symptoms, fight inflammation and other infections, while supporting heart health.

Why trust Evolved Naturals?

We take the time to develop products that work. Our products contain all natural ingredients that are potent and unadulterated.


All of our ingredients are grown in America. We utilize extracts from hemp, roses, jojoba, elderberry, and countless other naturally occurring plants. All of our hemp products have been remediated to assure you that the product is THC free. This means that our products are available, and legal in all fifty states.

We track our supply chain and trace the ingredients back to their source. Then we test the final products and ensure that all requirements are met. We believe that this process allows us to provide consumers with consistent purity and quality.

3 reviews for Elderberry Extract for Immune Support – 1 oz

  1. FEI

    I really liked these Elderberry drops. They have a very mild berry taste is easy to drink with water.

  2. Scott

    Tastes great with water. I started adding this to my water daily when I was developing a cold. Adds a slight berry taste. I will buy it again.

  3. Andrea

    I bought these for my husband when he came down with a cold recently. He added them to orange juice and Gatorade. Elderberry in any form is great, but these drops have a minimal sweet taste that’s easy to add to liquids.

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