Rose Petal Bundle (Rosewater & Rosehip Night Serum)

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AM or PM…We’ve got you covered! Improve your skin’s complexion with our Rose Petal Bundle : Rose Water Spray Toner for daytime and Rosehip Night Serum for bedtime.

• 100% all-natural Rose Water Toner, perfect to use as a skin enhancer helping tone the area around yours eyes, face and neck. Provides a natural calming scent of the roses it’s made from and an overall balanced skin complexion. Use this spray to refresh and moisturize hair and beards too!

• Evolved Naturals Rosehip Anti-aging Night Serum is a highly concentrated, fast absorbing topical serum containing pure, organic rosehip oil to provide a hydrating, smoothing and rejuvenating effect when applied to your skin nightly. Contains Vitamins A & C and essential fatty acids to help reverse signs of aging.



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